Quadruple offer Pure Delicate Oleoresine Woodash Soaps ~ Combo Gift Pack Of 4 - 3.14OZ / 89g Each

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  • Extraordinary Castile  Bars ~ Genuinely bleeds herbaceous oils. Gift Box of 4 soaps each.
  • One bar replaces your shampoo and facewash: Produces rich pure white luxurious form with a subtle exfoliation thus making it a daily to use facewash, all body soap, and a lush affective herbaceous shampoo.
  • Free from mainstream melt and pour and synthetic surfactant bases and forming agents.(Read description to know what makes this soap truly unique).
  • Invigoration and Rejuvenating: The soap produces unique lush and frictionless silk like lather.
  • Subtle on the most delicate of skins.
  • Provides zenith moisturizing yielding a supple and soft skin.
  • Made Up Of Various Blends Of Signature Oils Infused In Herbs (Tailams) Held Together With The Weak Alkali Of Woodashes.
  • NOTE: Extraordinary Castile Oil Bars Takes Care Of Your Skin In A Gorgeous Way, Please read the attached leaflet that comes with the package to get the maximum benefits and to take proper care of the soap.
  • All you have heard is about SLS,  Paraben , Triclosan & SLE, but this product is even free from propylene glycol, sorbitol, magnesium silicate, Melt and pour surfactants , Noodles, Palm oil , steric acid, and innumerable unrevealed industrial grade compounds hidden by the mainstream industries.
  • Finely crafted unique soap delicately hand wrapped and hand packed with guaranteed satisfaction.

Quadruple offer Pure Delicate Oleoresine Woodash Soaps ~ Combo Gift Pack Of 4 - 3.14OZ / 89g Each

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  • Beautifull Gift Box pack of 4 delicate soaps, perfect for surprising your loves loves, secure air packed box makes sure that the products reaches without a single scratch.
  • Extraordinary Castile Bars – produces unique frictionless lather different from other soaps.
  • Rare moisturizing properties making it apt for psoriasis and eczema skin types.
  • One of a kind unique mild soap without any sorts of added Stabilizers, artificial colorants or synthetic perfumes.
  • The uplifting aroma, distinct appearance and color, and the smooth mesmerizing lather is 100% obtained from genuine bioactive botanical sources.
  • Unique revitalizing combination of undiluted in-house extracted essential oils, rare botanical, and authentic hand-picked resinoids.
  • This ancient soap is 100 % Natural, genuinely Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free And Not Tested on Animals.
  • Mild & Deep Skin Cleanser: Formulated with rare oleoresin which boasts strong absorption properties; gently removes oil, dirt, and toxins; helps combat blackheads and shrink pores; purifies and detoxifies skin.
  • Visible Rejuvenation: Removes dead skin cells and blemishes; promotes circulation and helps restore the skin’s elasticity and youthful glow.
  • Gentle enough for facial cleansing, but effective enough for the body, and can even be used as a daily hair wash shampoo replacement.
  • Each bar is hand-wrapped and hand-packed with utter perfection and is an absolute gift item for your precious one, this soap leaves your skin soft and nourished,  A wonderful ‘wake me up’ in the morning shower!


Absolute ingredients: Leached woodash potash lye with unique blend of castor oil, agarwood (aquilaria agollocha), rubia cordifolia, chrysopogon zizanioides (ruh khus) organic aloe vera, acorus calamus oil, gaultheria procumbens oil, pinus densiflora oil, cinnamomum camphora oil, cymbopogon oil, cymbopogon martinni oil, corymbia citriodora oil, ocimum tenuiflorum oil, cedrus deodara oil, cinnamomum tamala oil, citrus sinensis oil, eucalyptus obliqua oil, cinnamomum verum oil, mentha pierita oil ,Withania somnifera (ashwagandha) , curcuma aromatica oil (kasturi manjal), curcuma longa oil ,cuminum cyminum, glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice), olive oil, apricot oil, spanish wheatgerm oil, pterocarpus santalinus (red sandalwood) grapeseed
oil, cassia angustifolia oil, cold pressed raw virgin coconut oil, herbal woodash alkalie, non-hybrid coco bean zest, seed of (azadirachta indica), cocoa pod ash, banana peel ash,coconut flower sheath ash, coconut shell ash,coconut tree inflorescece charcoal, cane sugar, coconut milk, camellia sinensis, zest of soapnut, tender coconut water, himalayan salt, and unique decoction of tailams (our unique herb infused signature oil decoction) all herbal / botanical extracts,resinoids & oil’s are generally recognized as safe & not from GMO sources.


What makes this soap truly unique:

  • Does not contain artificial coloring additives.
  • Does not contain artificial-fragrance oil/synthetic perfumes.
  • Does not contain dairy products.
  • Does not contain synthetic detergents.
  • Does not contain sodium lactate
  • Does not contain titanium dioxide /micas
  • Does not contain palm oil, does not contain animal fats
  • Does not contain alcohols of any kind
  • Does not contain EDTA
  • Does not contain triclosan/ sorbitol/ sorbitol oleate
  • Does not contain triethanolamine
  • Does not contain propylene glycol,
  • Does not contain soap noodles
  • Does not contain melt and pour base, d
  • Does not contain any forms of premade soap bases
  • Does not contain stearic acid
  • Does not contain chalk powder, does not contain talc
  • Does not contain any synthetic fillers, does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Does not contain sodium lauroyl isethionate
  • Does not contain hydrogenated glyceryl palmate
  • Does not contain sodium tallowate
  • Does not contain sodium palmate
  • Does not contain sodium laureth sulfate
  • Does not contain coco amido propyl betaine or sodium c14-c16 olefin sulfonate
  • Does not contain sodium palm kernelate
  • Does not contain tetrasodium EDTA
  • Does not contain paraben
  • Does not contain sodium silicate.
  • Does not contain paraffin
  • Does not contain magnesium sulfate
  • Does not contain any forms of inorganic synthetic forming agents or binders!
    -this product is glutenfree-
    -refer inner label for complete list of exotic non-GMO traceable botanical ingredients


Additional information

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm

2 reviews for Quadruple offer Pure Delicate Oleoresine Woodash Soaps ~ Combo Gift Pack Of 4 – 3.14OZ / 89g Each

  1. Sanjay K.

    This is the best soap – and you can feel the fact that it is all natural. It is expensive compared to the standard soaps but it is much cheaper than all the high-brand organic soaps and is priced right for what you get. I recommend it highly,

  2. shalini shankar

    Smells Heavenly! I purchased this Soap Set because I loved your pack of 3soap set. These come 4 to a box and they are in a nice box that is suitable for gift giving. They are bigger than anticipated, but they melt way quickly than any handmade soap that I have used but these are wonderful products. Each are filled with various herbal extracts hat I could smell and feel and the exfoliation is superb the form is kinda like silky just as you mentioned in your literature. These feel really good against the skin. These foam nicely and contain nothing that should irritate the skin. I really like these and will enjoy them immensely. They would make a great little thank you gift for someone. VERY nice soap. – Shalini s

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