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Absolutely yes, You will find that our soap is extremely mild , our soaps cleanses the pores with rich herbacious lather leaving you with a unique feeling of rejuvenation.

Our soaps are safe to use on the face the unique formulations acts as a fantastic moisturizer for skin all over your body. Some of our soaps such as VCO and a few of the Ashwaghanda range soaps include special herbal resinoids which acts as an exfoliator and may be rough on more sensitive skin types. With these types of soaps we suggest rubbing the soap on your hands first and then use the lather instead of placing the bar directly on your face.

We make all of our products from scratch and are aware of everything that goes into each item. We use zenith quality plant-based oils for their moisturizing properties. All of our bar soaps contain base special herbaceous extracts , resinoids and Various Tailams (Herbal Oil Decoctions)  are used for its lathering boost of  unique herbaceous form. Special woodash potash is used for its ability to make a semi-hard, bar of soap. No animal fat is used in our handmade soaps and artificial glycerin /Artificial synthetic fragrance / synthetic colors , micas or premade soap bases are  not added, unlike commercial soaps. All of our soaps are pH tested and we do not test on animals.
We offer free worldwide shipping in tie-up with leading international govt logistical companies. The standard delivery date is :
24-48 Hours to Middle East,
72 Hours to entire Europe,
4-5 Days to USA,
48-72 Hours TO Far East,
6-8 Working Days to India.   All items are trackable online.

Our natural bar soaps will last for two years if stored in cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight/Excess heat. Our bar soap will not go bad or ever be dangerous for your skin but over the course one or two years the outter color may fade due to the nature of our unique ayurvedic bioactive ingredients. 

The delicate soaps have a average shelf life of one year.

The hard bars have a shelf life of more than 3 years , they basically is indestructible due to its unique potash based ingredients.

NOTE: The delicate soaps once opened from its moisture sealed packing it must be used in no less than 3 days.


Before you ask this question lets see what’s the main deference between fragrance oils(aka: nature identical oil  , conventional essential oils, and raw essential oils. The term “fragrance” on a product label represents an undisclosed mixture of various chemicals and ingredients, added to provide a pleasant scent, or (more often) to mask a bad one.

It’s one of the only ingredients that doesn’t have to be fully disclosed on the label, meaning there’s a “fragrance loophole” in the mainstream products that allows companies to simply use the generic term “fragrance” rather than being transparent and telling the consumer what’s really in the product. In a capsule format there are a lot of hidden sub ingredients if your product has a word called ‘Fragrance’ listed on it.

Fragrant oil is synthetic oil that is man-made to imitate the natural scents of nature. Many fragrant oils can reproduce all natural scents while many essential oil or plant-derived scents are not possible to make or are too costly. Fragrant Oil Soaps are our most economically priced soaps and our customers love the variety of scents we offer.

While there’s an argument that not disclosing their “fragrance mixture” protects company trade secrets, this is often at the detriment of the consumer’s health, as the consumer can’t rely on labels to know what hazards may lurk inside the product.

Now does this mean that the essential oils are also pure?

The truth is even essential oils are heavily contaminated due to the process of dilution for increasing the total yield production. Various extremely harmful chemicals such ass DOP also known as Dioctyl Phthalate along with various other artificially created compounds are lurking in various essential oils.

A true raw undiluted essential oils is made from the natural extract of the plant and therefore 100% natural. They are also more expensive and contain healing and aromatherapy benefits. All of our Soaps contain generous amounts raw undiluted essential oil mix which is why the ancient soaps from ancient ayurveda smells so distinct, at ancient ayurveda manufacturing a true herbal soap is not just a work, we consider it as an art to create that unique and extremely potent herbaceous aroma by mixing various herbal extracts to the right proportion. We do not add any forms of synthetic or nature identical fragrance oils in our unique manufacturing process.

The unique foam which is similar to silk rubbing on to your skin is achieved by a herbaceous decoction of pure herbal extracts that are bio active resulting in a soap that not just cleans your pores but also replenishes it in a avant garde style. We make sure that each bath that our customers take is a luxurious experience of quality.

This is a question everyone asks. Yes, caustic soda or sodium hydroxide which is mixed with water to make lye is indeed caustic. However, the popular belief is that  there can be no soap without lye, Contrary to traditional beliefs, Anyone who’s done much camping knows that — if you throw some white ashes from a hardwood fire into your frying pan after dinner — the lye in the ash will combine with the fat from the cooking to make a crude soap.

During the olden days soaps were made by good old potash attained by burning woodashes. Nowadays you will find that all commercially available handmade soaps follow primarily either cold process or hot process made just by combining 3 or more oils with sodium hydroxide ,aqua, combined with synthetic perfumes or fragrance oils and colorants.

In a properly formulated batch of ancientsoaps, there is absolutely no lye left , Our unique formulations utilize high ratio of leached woodash and saltworth ash to form the base alkalie salt emulsion ,Once the saponification process takes place all kinds of soda has all been consumed in the soap making process and converted to vegetable glycerin and crude soap by converting the long chain fatty acids of the rare botanicals oil blends we use in to soap. Our soaps are created with our ancient old formulation of utilizing high amounts of crude wood ash obtained by burning various salworth and potash rich plant ashes renowned in ayurveda so that not only are you assured that there is no caustic lye in the bar, but that there is also a healthy, soothing amount of rich bioactive plant extracts left in the bar “as is”, to remain behind on your skin after you’ve rinsed away the rich creamy lather. This is why our soaps are much softer to touch  and melts faster compared to other mainstream handmade soaps, the advantage is a extremely unique foam that is silky while taking bath.Curious to make your own organic lye

For exclusivity we determine this on a case by case basis but we rarely offer exclusive distribution rights unless you have an organized and proven distribution network strategy and will be able to sell significant quantities of our products. If you have any other questions please feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to answer them at : [email protected]

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