The b2b pallet that arrives via our cargo partners Internationally to the customers warehouse contain lot more than just great soaps, its filled to the brim with good memories and its that Ancient Soap™ formula that finds customers to our company and to its unique products for a repeat visit.
We are Proudly The Exclusive Ayurvedic Soap company to introduce to the world soaps with an exquisite combination of 108 Herbal extract that you could literally feel right after each refreshing bath. From rare soaps suitable for all skin types and  to exclusive purpose oriented soaps especially meant for catering specific customer needs our product is not just a fine soap, This is in-fact a very unique cleansing bar best for Anti-Aging, Anti -Inflammatory, and various innumerable skin cell protecting and pampering purposes ranging from anti-psoriasis to severe ezchema.
The Various range of handmade bathing soaps and other herbal products from Ancient Ayurveda are Uniquely hand-crafted with the aid of formulations derived from the ancient ayurvedic scriptures which predates more than 5000 years in human history. Our formulations are strictly adhered to the traditional south Indian ayurvedic principles which makes it soo unique just as the name Suggests.
For more Information about our product’s or for your precious personal feedback’s please be free to contact us.
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