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Invigorate Your Senses: Herbaceous Peppermint Oleoresin Raw Soap for Creamy, Moisturized Skin 100g / 3.5 Oz

  • Special Oil balancing soap .
  • Can be used on any skin type, it’s especially helpful for oily and combination skin, as it helps balance natural oils.
  • Botanical Name: Mentha Balsama Wild.
  • Particularly beneficial for Blemish Spot Treatment.
  • Odor: Extremely lively and energizing!
  • Origin: India
  • An exotic blend of rare organic ingredients which results in an invigorating exfoliating scrub combined with a unique herbaceous lather.
  • Absolute Zero Synthetic Ingredients this soap is free from colorants, perfumes, binders, stabilizers, Silicates (See description for a complete list of rare bioactive ingredients used for making this unique soap.)
  • One bar replaces your shampoo and facewash: Produces rich pure white luxurious form with a subtle exfoliation thus making it a daily to use facewash, all body soap, and a lush affective herbaceous shampoo.
  • Note: Rinse thoroughly to wash off the herbal resinoids.
  • This product is free from binders during the making such as silicates, waxes or steric, Thus to avoid product degradation avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and water after each use. (Read Below Description for more info.)