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Ancient Ayurveda Soap for women – Shea Butter & Moisturizing Plant Essential Oil, Organic Vegetarian Savon, Rose Seifen, Lavender, Cocoa Butter, Geranium & Red sandal

  • These Luxurious soaps Make a true Sikly soft lather, This is an absolute grit-free enfleurage soap that is sure to be an Olfactory vacation. – Ultra unique Raw Soaps made without Palm oil - Made with Moisturizing formula that leaves the whole body feeling smooth and soft. Filled with the Volatile Oils & herbaceous blissful aroma of mother nature. This 5 Packer Box pack contains Cute Circle-shaped soaps each of 25g / 0.89Oz. Total Weight of box: 4.45 Oz of Raw Soap.
  • NO Palm & SYNDENT FREE -These ZERO Gritt bars are Made without palm oil with a rare & Distinct blend of exotic raw herbal extracts.
  • MELT AND POUR SOAP FREE, 100% VEGETARIAN BARS FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FILLERS & COLORANTS – PG & Paraben-free, formulated without phthalates and synthetic colorants or even palm-based sub-ingredients / Surfactants! Crafted with Wild Non-Gmo selected rare herbs.
  • Pure Vegetarian - ARTIFICIAL FILLER FREE & TRUE TOXIN-FREE SOAP – This rare herbal soap is Paraben-free and formulated without phthalates and synthetic colorants or even palm-based sub-ingredients / Surfactants!
  • RAW HIGH-QUALITY ORGANIC SOAPS WITHOUT PALM & SYNTHETICS – Unique Rich & truly Luxurious lathering soap. Free from artificial surfactants for extremely mild and gentle cleaning that washes away dirt and bacteria and is sure to be on your repurchase list.
  • (UTTER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED) - These are our finest quality raw herbal soaps made with Zenith grade oil blends and various herbal decoctions. This 5-packer box pack contains Rosa Absolute, Opoponox, Peru Balsam, Comfrey root, Clove, Lavender Mailette, Geranium, Angelica root, Bergamot, Chaste tree, Shea Butter, Coconut Butter Cocoa Butter, Orris butter, Aloe vera Soaps.
  • We ship all our orders within 24 Working hours. We guarantee an utterly herbaceous feel due to the unique 'friction-free' & grit-free foam our soap produces. (Backed by Ancient Rich Traditional root - Mfg Exclusively By : Ancient Ayurveda Corporation, Export quality Genuine soap - Free from harmful synthetic ingredients. Shipped using international grade biodegradable 'Plastic Free' materials & hard corrugated recyclable box to ensure safety in transit via Int'l Dispatch Hubs.
  • Origin: Brazil, India & France
  • An exotic blend of rare organic ingredients which results in an invigorating exfoliating scrub combined with a unique herbaceous lather.
  • Absolute Zero Synthetic Ingredients this soap is free from colorants, perfumes, binders, stabilizers, and Silicates (See description for a complete list of rare bioactive ingredients used for making this unique soap.)
  • Zero Grit Smooth Raw soap.

Pack of 3 – Kashmir Saffron and South Indian Ananas Comosus (Real Pineapple Soaps)

  • Extraordinary Castile Soaps ~ Genuinely bleeds herbaceous oils. PACK OF 3
  • One bar replaces your shampoo and facewash: Produces rich pure white luxurious form with a subtle exfoliation thus making it a daily to use facewash, all body soap, and a lush affective herbaceous shampoo.
  • Free from mainstream melt and pour and synthetic surfactant bases and forming agents.(Read description to know what makes this soap truly unique).
  • Invigoration and Rejuvenating: The soap produces unique lush and frictionless silk like lather.
  • Subtle on the most delicate of skins.
  • Provides zenith moisturizing yielding a supple and soft skin.
  • Made Up Of Various Blends Of Signature Oils Infused In Herbs (Tailams) Held Together With The Weak Alkali Of Woodashes.
  • NOTE: Extraordinary Castile ‘Oil Bars’ Takes Care Of Your Skin In A Gorgeous Way, Please read the attached leaflet that comes with the package to get the maximum benefits and to take proper care of the soap.
  • All you have heard is about SLS,  Paraben , Triclosan & SLE, but this product is even free from propylene glycol, sorbitol, magnesium silicate, Melt and pour surfactants , Noodles, Palm oil , steric acid, and innumerable unrevealed industrial grade compounds hidden by the mainstream industries.
  • Finely crafted unique soap delicately hand wrapped and hand packed with guaranteed satisfaction.
  • NOTE: Due to customs restrictions, 100% composable box packaging is not available for international orders.