Secret Herbs For an Effugent Seamless Skin

There are so many things in the plant kingdom that we can make use of for our health, especially for our skin and a lot of times we just don’t have these ready and available to us in the fresh format.. unless you have a little herb garden or a little farm with the help of our ultra unique “Plantable Box” that each soaps are packed in then lucky you ,but for the most part we’re gonna have to go and find a lot of these herbs in dried form . The best part about keeping them in the dried form is that they don’t have to be stored in the refrigerator. Let’s get straight to the herbs:


They have an extreme amount of nutrients especially vitamins d, E and C and those are to be considered as your beloved source of antioxidants and vitamins that keep you healthy and your skin healthy.

Did you know that the vitamin C content in rose hips is really high? What rose hips do for your skin is protect your capillaries, as we get older you might have seen that there are these little red marks all over your skin, its primarily caused due to the fine bursting and inflammation of the small micro blood vessels in your skin. A straight forward solution would be to apply directly rosehip seed oil or blend it in a tea form and gulp it up as a daily routine tea.

What we do at Ancient Ayurveda Corporation is that we make various kinds of herbal tea (Export Grade) and is given to all our employees to keep that herbaceous kick to the brain and to the entire body so as to keep an alert mind in all our departments right from dilution, processing, and export dispatch of our products.

What is a herbal tea?

Herbal tea is nothing more than adding hot water or even cold water for a European cold brew- leaving it to sit for a certain amount of time and then straining it out so if you want to make yourself a really nice ‘good for your skin’ healthy herbal tea , then rosehip would be a great herb of choice to get that skin radiant and uplifting. It also does taste really good, it’s kind of like a tart fruity flavor.

 Now lets quickly jump to detoxification phase:

 2.) Burdock root

If you’ve never used or eaten burdock root …well it’s actually really good,  it’s the original version of like a carrot, It’s actually a root vegetable and you’ll find it in most food supermarkets called ‘gobo’. Burdock root is traditionally known as a blood cleanser. Did you know that when you have problems with your skin whether it’s rashes or eczema it’s mostly due to basic inflammation?

Did you know that we also tend to slowly accumulate toxins via our food habits? and that’s basically making the whole body toxic. This goes back to eating toxic foods and where we need to detox or starting to put out too many things on your skin that have chemicals, either way, this is an ultra-powerful  blood purifying herb and it will help your body to clean all that stuff out of your blood,  clean your skin from the inside out but also this has a property called diaphoretic.

What is diaphoretic?

Diaphoretic basically means that it makes you sweat. The process of diaphoresis is very detoxifying. One major function of your organs is detoxification, and your skin is absolutely one of them!

The way it works is by basically being able to breathe in and out and to perspire in and out. The burdock will help you to perspire and yes other spicy herbs like ginger root also help your body to sweat and that’s is a crucial part of the detoxification process.

Burdock root is gonna help your skin via detoxification to get rid of everything bad straight out of the body. Remember: your skin is a direct correlation on the outside of what’s going on in the inside! If you have skin problems on the outside you have health problems on the inside, simply as that.

Here, there is Another really good one for detoxification, it is the kind of the king of the herbs for the liver:

3.)Milk thistle seed:

Milk thistle has been shown to be extremely safe and helpful in some really bad situations of the human body. This herb has been proven to improve the liver function and even to replicate the cells. The increase in new cell formations in the liver when there’s been damage from cirrhosis for example makes this herb stand out. You can regenerate new liver cells using milk thistle! Now that’s pretty amazing indeed. There have also been cases where people have been lethally poisoned by mushrooms especially the Amanita mushroom which has no other cure but this milk thistle!  It is popularly known to have saved people from mushroom poisoning in various places in South India.

This is a herb that is extremely powerful on the liver. What is the liver you may ask? Well, the liver is again one of your natural detoxification organs and its job is to clean out the body so just like a pool filter it cleans out the whole pool. Similarly, your liver cleans the blood from your entire body.

Understand one thing: When we start to accumulate toxins in our body which we all do from food, from water, from breathing, from putting toxic things on your skin…. it will definitely show up on your skin. You need to focus on the liver to help detoxify your body and this is the best way to do it.

NOTE: we will tell you that it doesn’t taste all that great, it’s kind of a gritty earthy taste to be very frank, you can soak it and make a tea out of it with the addition of ginger, or maybe go a bit modern and grind it up and add it into smoothies and things like that. The best part is: It doesn’t take a lot maybe a teaspoon a day to stimulate the liver.  

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