Secret Herbs For an Effulgent Skin
'Part - 2'

Welcome to tha part two:

The fourth mesmerizing herbs with a ton of surprises for the skin is:

4.) ROSE

Another great plant material for your skin is actual roses. Say hello to malic acid. Roses contain malic acid, it’s another acid that’s just naturally good for your skin from the inside out. Having said this do take a peep at our French rose oleoresin wood ash soap, it’s like nothing you have ever experienced. The frictionless lather combined by the lush texture of rose extracts simply makes it voila!

Again ‘chai’ phase: You could also have it turned to a tea format, maybe Make yourself a herbal tea with those gorgeous rose petals inside to get that all that nutrients from those roses especially that malic acids ….its just soo good for your skin.

Did you know that our absolute Rose essential oil used in craftign out exotic soaps comes directly from the rose petals and why is it extremely expensive? Well its because it’s so concentrated that it takes hundreds and hundreds of kilos of rose petals to create  just a few drops of the essential oil so while that is not accessible / affordable to everybody, The method mentioned above is much kinda affordable alternative ….that you can buy a few rose flowers from the flower market and again mash it up in a tea form and drink them regularly.

Don’t forget, this is related to the first one we talked about which was the rose hips so both of the rose plants have tons of nutrients in those parts of the plants for your precious skin.

 5.) Peppermint:

Lots of green leafy herbs have plenty of properties for your skin and this one is a none other than the good old peppermint. You can use peppermint herb to make herbal tea, besides you could also try out our invigorating peppermint undiluted essential oil free from DOP, this is what makes our high peppermint ratio soap stand out. The other thing you can do with this plant is steep it and make a steam and let the steam kind of clean your skin. Steams are good for taking blackheads off your skin and it also kills bacteria. Again on the outside using it for your skin on the inside you can also drink this.


6.) Aloe Vera:

Please, for god sake do stay away from the so-called aloe vera gel, it ain’t 100% aloe vera gel, there are tons of addictives to keep its commercial packed form intact in gel form and to make it spoilproof. How do we know this? Well we use a lot of elbow grease to churn our aloevera gel in huge brass  containers used for making the sweet south Indian ‘Payasam’ to a think consistency to proof it ready for the manufacture of our 100% raw exotic aloevera soaps.

Ok so this is what you could do in your home, ‘Please do try this in your home” J

All you need to do is just cut the aloe leaf open and you’ll find that there’s a clear slippery fluid on the inside that is extremely healing and soothing to your skin.

 If you have a skin issue like eczema or dry skin or rashes of some sort then this would be very soothing and healing, all you gotta do is just cut it off and put it dircetly on your skin …yep kinda sounds wired, but hey it works!

The other thing about aloe is that it helps to regenerate new skin cells so new skin cells is something you definitely want, even if you don’t have a visible problem on your skin you can use aloe every day to help regenerate new skin cells.

We’re always having skin cells dying and then replacing them with new ones just naturally that’s what your body does all the time and this does help to speed that up and we call this cell proliferation and this plant is amazing for that.

 Yes, you can consume it and it will still help your body, anything this plant touches basically it’s going to help improve and heal it.

It also tightens the skin,  so if you have loose skin areas where it’s maybe a little saggy or droopy you can put this on there and it will firm it up.

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